RoraScanner: Ruby Oracle Security Scanner

Welcome to RoraScanner
GSOC paper released
The GSOC gold paper that is the foundation for RoraScanner has been uploaded to the SANS site and can be downloaded here. It's got some good infomation about the design goals of RoraScanner and automated scanning in general.
Beta 0.1 of RoraScanner ("Hjaltland") is available here
There's a reasonable number of checks in the scanner now mostly based on the requirements of the CIS checklist
Documentation Wiki Live. There's a page on the RoraScanner site now live with some basic documentation for the scanner. I'm intending to update it frequently with new information
It can be found here

August 8, 2007
GSOC paper published on the SANS site. Get it here
July 28, 2007
Beta 0.1 ("Hjaltland") released. You can download it here
July 1, 2007
The initial release of RoraScanner is now available. Very Minimal functionality at the moment.You can Download it here
June 24, 2007
Project is up and running. Initial Code is available from subversion. It's available by using "svn checkout svn://"